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Are you a runner or a lifter, then why do you wear runners to lift? Runners have a wedge like sole which tends to push you on your toes, putting you off balance when doing squats and dead lifts. Also the added cushioning in runners which are intended to provide comfort when running actually creates a softer grounding, when in fact you want a solid grounding so that you can drive through your heels and push up off the ground, not sink into cushioning. Old school bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger did squats barefoot, unfortuantely gyms don't allow this anymore.


Jacked Fibres provide you with the closest barefoot solution. Our high top training shoes are designed with a thin sole which allows for more grip and contact area with the ground, whilst providing extreme comfort. These training shoes are so comfortable they feel like your wearing slippers! You will feel the difference, improved balance, more feedback from the ground and better ability to drive through your heels! Plus these shoes just look bad as f***k!

Size Guide

The fit is snug so we recommend you go one size up and they will stretch out to fit perfect.

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